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Wallpaper Painting
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Our +++ Wallpaper Calculator --- will easily guides you through how to calculate for wallpaper and the wallpaper measurement process with pattern repeat as well as how much wallpaper will I need with a drop match pattern, plus borders and materials needed for the project.
Enjoy this Wallpaper Calculator.

Wallpaper Calculator

1.) Room Dimensions: Click Option (A) or (B)

Length =   Width =   Height =

Length =   Height =
Length =   Height =
Length =   Height =
Length =   Height =
click to add more walls


Amounts and materials needed:

0 single rolls of wallpaper (note* round-up to even number)
0 spools of border
- of paste for un-pasted wallpaper
- of paste for pre-pasted wallpaper
- of paste for un-pasted border * based on 6" width
- of paste for pre-pasted border * based on 6" width
- of primer or wall-prep

Wallpaper Calculator Estimates: When using this wallpaper calculator remember to consider rooms with unusual shapes, vaulted ceilings, stairways, etc. or other circumstances such as large wallpaper patterns, drop match, wallpaper repeats, and wallpaper widths may affect the amount of wallpaper and materials needed,.

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