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Vinyl Wallpaper - Asbestos Exposure Risks?

One of the common uses for asbestos was in home decor and home building materials.

In addition to being so strong, asbestos was desirable because asbestos is heat resistant, making your house safer from fire, though not making it safe from asbestos exposure.

The problem link is vinyl wallpaper asbestos exposure risks. Vinyl wallpaper is just one of the thousands of products that used asbestos, so if there is vinyl wallpaper in your home, you could be at risk.| Vinyl wallpaper is one of the most common types of wallpapers because it is easy for the homeowner to hang without professional help. In addition, vinyl wallpaper is often more durable than other types of wallpapers.

You're most likely to find vinyl wallpaper in your kitchen and bathroom, because this wallpaper holds up well even when wet.

Before the 1980s, many companies used asbestos in their products, because asbestos was cheap, lightweight, durable, and flexible. Today, we are still searching for all the products out there made with asbestos and causing asbestos exposure..

Today's vinyl wallpapers are safe, free of asbestos and will not cause asbestos exposure. That said, vinyl wallpapers in your home, if the home was built before 1980, may contain asbestos. Don't panic! There are ways that you can clean out this asbestos mess of the past in order to create a safer environment for your family without risk of asbestos exposure. Taking these steps can help to prevent anyone in your household from contracting an illness from asbestos found in your vinyl wallpaper.

On its own, vinyl wallpaper is not very dangerous and does not cause a problem. The fibers that make up asbestos are the main concern for those worried about getting ill, because the fibers are what tear your tissue, making ailments more probable in the body. However, in vinyl wallpaper, it is hard and almost impossible for those asbestos fibers to escape and cause problem, if the wallpaper is still in good condition. That said, if you try to remove the wallpaper, cut it, or make repairs, you are at risk of releasing these asbestos fibers into the air.

The good news is that there are ways to remove this dangerous wallpaper. You can generally not see the asbestos fibers in the air if you look at the wallpaper or even the backing. Therefore, treat any pre-1980s wallpaper as though it contains asbestos. The easiest thing to do is leave the wallpaper up, since vinyl wallpaper in good condition won't release asbestos fibers.

If you must remove it, keep in mind that asbestos exposure is very deadly. It's a good idea to remove it if the wallpaper will be touched frequently or is in an area of high use, as this is especially probably to cause exposure.

Always use a dust mask that is made to prevent asbestos exposure, and use water sprayed into the air to keep the dust down. Your best options, though? Hire a professional. They can get the job done without putting you and your family at risk. Remember the vinyl wallpaper asbestos exposure risks. Call a for a quote today. The ads on this page are provided to you in your zip code area, so there are local wallpaper removal companies that are experienced and qualified to get the job done in a safe and professional manner.

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