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Wallpaper Removal Scoring Tools May Cause Unnecessary Wall Damage

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Warning: Never use the wallpaper scoring tools shown here unless it is absolutely necessary.


Many do-it-yourselfers shop their local hardware store to buy supplies and get some general advice, most of the time, they purchase the wrong tools, the wrong wetting agents, and they get the wrong advice.

start quote Don't use the scoring tools unless you have tried less evasive methods firstend quote

Every wallpaper removal job is different. It can be a messy and very time consuming task, but there are many easy techniques that we will show you, on how to remove wallpaper successfully and without using scoring tools. Let's try and make your wallpaper removal project go faster, easier, cleaner, and less painful.

Avoid unnecessary wall damage and repairs

  • Don't use the scoring tools unless you have tried less evasive methods first. Most wallpaper removal projects do not require a scoring tool. The wallpaper scoring tool will put several cuts into your drywall and plaster walls. If not used correctly wall damage can be minor to major. At this point wall repair can get costly.



    Try out our Paint Calculator by clicking the link. Paint Calculator

    Try these easy techniques first

  • Some wallpapers remove easily dry, while others must be wet. To determine this, start at the bottom of the wall and lift a corner of the wallpaper with a snap-off razor blade or the edge of a wallpaper removal scraper. Many times the front of the wallpaper removes easily dry.

  • Sometimes the front of the wallpaper removes dry leaving the wallpaper backing on the wall, this is normal. You remove the front of the wallpaper dry and the backing of the wallpaper wet. The backing of the wallpaper will always have to be wet.

  • If pulling the front of the wallpaper does not remove easily, or comes off in little pieces, then it must be wet. This includes all types of wallpaper vinyl, mylar, foil, grass-cloth, embossed, textured, and many others. Use a wallpaper removal pump sprayer to wet the wallpaper.

  • Finding the right direction to remove the wallpaper can make all the difference between easy and extremely hard. Who knew that the right direction you pull the wallpaper will make an incredible difference?

  • When removing wet wallpaper, try pulling from the baseboard up, if the wallpaper does not remove easily, then try pulling from the ceiling down. If this does not work, try pulling the wallpaper sideways. Remember all wallpapers removes differently.

  • Therefore, if the wallpaper isn't removing easily one way, always try pulling in another direction. This can make a big difference. Sometimes removing wallpaper is just a bear no matter what. If the Wallpaper Scraper is not working, and you have tried everything, then you may want to use the wallpaper scoring tool.

    When will I need a wallpaper scoring tool

  • The wallpaper scoring tool should only be used after all these steps above have failed. The Wallpaper Scoring Tool will speed up the time needed to remove very difficult wallpapers, such as foils, flocks, very old or painted over wallpapers. Light weight wallpaper scoring tool

  • We always recommend trying the light weight Scoring Tool first, you will be able to control the depth of the cut. When used in a circular motion the 96 stainless steel teeth makes several shallow cuts, allowing liquid remover to penetrate and loosen wallpaper adhesive. To minimize wall damage, do not apply too much pressure.

    Heavy duty professional grade wallpaper scoring tool

  • The one with a long handle is a heavy duty, professional grade scoring tool. Used on very difficult to remove wallpapers. The professional grade scoring tool can cause wall damage. This specialized Wallpaper Scoring Tool has very sharp teeth which will make shallow to deep cuts, allowing liquid remover to penetrate and loosen wallpaper adhesive. We use the Professional Wallpaper Scoring Tool only on very difficult wallpaper removal projects. When used correctly, the Wallpaper Scoring Tool will make you're wallpaper removal projects go smoother, saving time and minimizing problems.

    start quote Don't use the scoring tools unless you have tried less evasive methods firstend quote

    How to use a wallpaper scoring tool

    Notice the wallpaper pictures above, have a lot of wall damage. This is why you only use a wallpaper scoring tool when absolutely, necessary. Use the light weight scoring tool on drywall or plaster, and the heavy duty scoring tool on plaster only.

    When using the light weight or heavy duty wallpaper scoring tools we recommend only doing small sections at one time. Other wise you will soften the under laying wall surface too much, and you will have extra wall damage. Draw a line on the wallpaper from the ceiling line to the baseboard about four feet wide. This will give you a good size area to start.

    Use the light weight scoring tool in the area you have marked. In a circular motion using light pressure, begin to put holes in the wallpaper.

    If the heavy duty scoring tool is needed, use in this method, go from the edge of the ceiling to the baseboard in long up and down strokes. When you have covered the area you have marked, turn the scoring tool side ways and go from the ceiling to floor. Take care not to hit the scoring tool on the ceiling or baseboard it will do damage.

    Be sure to use enough pressure when putting the holes in the wallpaper, in order for the wallpaper wetting agents to work, it must get behind the wallpaper to soften the wallpaper paste adhesives. When you have finished putting holes in the wallpaper use a Wallpaper Removal Pump Sprayer, filled with a DIF Wetting Agent. Starting at the edge of the ceiling begin to spray the wallpaper until it is totally wet. After twenty minutes using a Wallpaper Remover Scraper try to remove the wallpaper. It is crucial you wait the allotted time for the wallpaper removal wetting agents too work. If the wallpaper is not coming off than you may have to wet the wallpaper once again and wait for another twenty more minutes.

    Ask Any Question about Removing Wallpaper in Search Box Below

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